Sunday, 13 October 2013


      Front view of Kota A Famosa

Behind the name of Kota A Famosa, there’s a lot of history to be told. Kota A Famosa also means, The Famous or Porta de Santiago that called by the Portuguese. This fortress located at Bandar Hilir, Malacca next to a replica of the Malacca Sultanate Place. It is the oldest European architecture that still standing in Malaysia.

During the Portuguese rule, the fort was important to them in order to protect from the enemies such as, British and Dutch. All the residents were trapped inside of the fort and they just eat cat and rat to survive. Finally, on 14th January 1641, Malacca was attacked by the Dutch and was badly damaged. Only the entrance facade and a church structure are left.

Then, in the year of 19th century, British took over Malacca to prevent it from falling in the hands of Napoleon and decided to destroy the whole fort. In the year of 1806, the whole A Famosa was demolished, leaving only a small part as we can see today.


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