Monday, 14 October 2013


A Famosa is one of the most valuable ruins built by the Portuguese years ago. This place is another sought of attractive place in Malacca that all Malaysian and tourist not miss if visiting Malacca. 

There are several objectives of the blog:

  • Get to know the original history of Kota A Famosa
  • Increase knowledge by doing research and learning about historical place
  • Can instill patriotism spirit

I wish this blog can give some ideas or information to people out there especially to the new generation. We as Malaysia  should know and care about our country and be proud of it. If not us, who else would care?
This story of Kota A Famosa was extracted from the book "The Hikayat Abdullah" translated in English by A.H. Hill. It describes the appearance and the destruction of the fort "A Famosa" based on the narration of Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir also known as Munshi Abdullah who was born in Malacca in 1797 a legendary Malay writer in the 19th century and who once work as Sir Stamford Raffles assistant and translator in Singapore and Malacca.


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