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There is some uniqueness that was found in the fort which became the European architecture that still remains in Asia. The purpose of built A Famosa is to be defense of Malacca. Portuguese colonists also make this Christian settlement with 5 churches, places of worship, monasteries, hospitals, etc.


        Materials used to build the fort was taken from the ruins mosques and other buildings


        After conquered the city of Melaka, Dutch repaired and made some modification. They put their arms on the gate which remains until now the Porta de Sntigo, the only door that survived with the engraving "Anno 1670" .
 Interior Decorations

        Kota A Famosa is equipped with four towers or Ketelom (bastions) with a wall thickness of 2.4 meters to 4.5 meters. The towers are known as Baluerte San Pedro, Baluerte de las Virgenes, Baluerte Madre de Dios, Baluerte Santo Domingo, and Baluerto de Santiago. It is also covered with 70 cannons in all direction.

Method of Construction

       Once they conquered Malacca, Portuguese uses forced labor to build fortifications to fend off the attack. Kota A Famosa took 5 months to build. Due to the heat and lack of food, many of the forced labors are found dead 


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